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What motivates people, particularly in the West? Beauty, love, discovery, conquest, and freedom are some motivating ideas; what others can you identify? What can you use to support those ideas?

Is America, for example, about “truth, justice, and the American way,” as Superman claims? If so, what fights for truth and justice can be used to support it? Is there evidence to counter truth and justice as ideas that motivate people in the United States?

David Robson, in an article entitled, “How East and West think in profoundly different ways” for BBC Future, asks readers to “Consider the USA, the most individualistic of all Western countries. Historians such as Frederick Jackson Turner have long argued that the expansion and exploration into the west has nurtured a more independent spirit, as each pioneer battled the wilderness and each other for their own survival.” Do you see individualism (versus collectivism) as a motivating factor in the West? What evidence supports your opinion?


What motivates you?


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